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How It Works

Free Solar Consultation

We understand that an informed customer is the best customer. That’s precisely why each and every one of our solar projects begins with a free solar consultation. At a time that fits your schedule, one of our expert solar consultants will meet with you to discuss your personal energy use, assess your solar needs and answer all your questions.

Understand Your Savings

The most important information for a customer to understand is how their solar investment will benefit them over time. We will provide you with the economic breakdown of the costs and payback period for your solar project. Let us show you how you could save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your solar system.

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Start Saving Money

As soon as a customer installs a solar system, they begin to save money on their power bill. The net metering program will credit you for up to 3 years on any excess power generated by your system. We will optimize your design to generate the projected yearly power use of your home or business to ensure you are setup for success.

How solar works

Solar panels generate electricity from multiple photovoltaic cells that make up the construction of the panel. When a photon from the sun (a fancy name for a light particle), strikes the surface of a cell, electrons begin to flow creating a current and a charge that is measured as voltage. This voltage is called DC or direct current. This DC voltage is then converted to AC voltage using an inverter which is tied directly to your electrical system and the utility grid. Sound complicated? We make it easy. Check out the animation below to see how it works.


Solar Panel

When photons from the sun strike the cells inside a solar panel, they generate voltage and current.  The combination of voltage and current creates power.



The inverter uses specially designed microelectronics to change DC power generated by a solar panel to AC power that is found throughout the wiring of your home.


Electrical Panel

The panel contains circuit breakers that distribute power throughout your home.   When you are using more power than your solar system generates, your panel draws power from the grid.  When you are generating more power than you need, the panel sends power back to the grid.



A bi-directional meter uses voltage and current sensing technology to measure both the power your receive from the grid, as well as the excess power you send back to the grid.  Your power is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).



SaskSolar will visit your residence or place of business to review your project.  We will discuss the best options for your install based on your site conditions and preferences.

Schedule: 1 week



When you are satisfied with the proposal, SaskSolar will send the net metering application to SaskPower for review.  Depending on SaskPower's application volume, the review can take up to 8 weeks to complete.  SaskPower will provide a Quote Letter and Interconnection Agreement that outline the costs associated with the installation of a bi-directional meter.  Prior to starting construction, SaskSolar will secure the electrical permit necessary and arrange the required inspections.

Schedule: 4-8 weeks



Once the Quote Letter and Interconnection Agreement have been signed, SaskSolar will begin your installation!

Schedule: 1 week



When SaskSolar completes the install, SaskPower will perform an electrical inspection.  Following the inspection, SaskPower will schedule your bi-directional meter installation.  Your power bill will now show the power you received from the grid each month, as well as the extra power you generated.

Schedule: 4 weeks



Congratulations! Your system is ready to start harvesting energy from the sun. Time to start SAVING!


SaskSolar will provide an optimized design that will produce the maximum amount of power during any given sunlight condition. It is important to note that the location where solar panels are installed should receive direct sunlight for most of the day.


In Saskatchewan, it takes over 3600 pounds of coal to provide electricity to the average home per year! Be a leader in environmental protection by installing a solar system and offset the need to rely on non-renewable fuel sources. Better yet, you will save money going green!


With full time monitoring and alerts, you will be able view your power production in real-time. System alerts will keep you informed of potential issues that can be remedied before your production is affected. The key to project payback is to ensure your system is operating at full capacity each day.


Solar systems require little to no maintenance for the majority of their lifespan. In the rare event maintenance is required, your system will automatically notify you of a problem. Other than that, sit back, relax, and let your solar panels save you money.


Save up to $20,000

SaskPower's limited time rebate is available until it reaches the 16 MW cap or Nov. 30, 2021. Act now!

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