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Saskatchewan is amongst the best places on Earth for solar potential (better than Sydney, Australia) and the cost of electricity in Saskatchewan is amongst the highest in Canada. With SaskPower's new incentives and solar panels being cheaper and more efficient than ever, the time has never been better to go solar. Fill out the form above and our Saskatchewan solar company will provide you with a free estimate for your solar system so that you can learn more about why installing solar energy just makes sense.

  • For a limited time, SaskPower will pay up to $20,000 of your solar system.

  • Farms and businesses can write off 100% of the solar system cost in year one.

  • Installing solar can increase your property value by up to 5%.

  • The price of electricity rises nearly 5% every year so lock in your rates now.

  • SaskPower will credit you up to 3 years for any excess electricity produced.

  • Solar panels come with 25 year warranty & are designed to withstand large hail.

Save up to $20,000

SaskPower's limited time rebate is available until it reaches the 16 MW cap or Nov. 30, 2021. Act now!

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